Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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  1. It's about a boy that looks for his brother. But in order to do that he has to travel a long way and take some beatings. on his way there he talks about his lip being split open. and he finnaly gets there . And gets to live with him. Walters Tyler Morton

  2. Anthony.Z
    Walters 2
    So the reason i got the book split is because i think it relates to my life in general. Because there is no way me and my brother would be the way these 2 brothers are. I dont really see me and my brother not talking because we are so close. but the book is really about Christian and his younger brother the main one that is telling the story. And the younger brother runs into trouble going to his brothers house. And when he shows up him and his brother talk about why they havent talked in so long and he gets to stay at his brother ( Christians ) house.

    1. Nick J.
      Walters 6th

      Yeah, I agree. at the beginning, you can't really tell that its about these two brothers not talking and haven't said a word to each other in years. But to me, I think this book really relates to the movie "The legendary. Mainly because there is these two brothers who never see each other and the younger brother tracks down the older brother to try and get a relationship established with his older brother, but then again, I'm not really too far in the book to see how much more similar the two really are.

  3. I think that this is good so far. It seems like its going to be a good book. Im not really that far in it.
    But it seems like its going to be full of weird events. I think its going to have a weird ending.

  4. Anthony.Z
    Walters 2
    the book is great i think so far, at first i didnt really want too read it until i started one day on a random page so the beginning of it i dont really know, christians brother started telling him about the fight between there dad

  5. I haven't really read much in the book. But so far it's been ok. I think that it will get better.and i haven't really wanted to read it but what i have read is good. The book is still weird to me but it will get better. Tyler m walters

  6. The book is really boring at first. But the farther you get into it the more you like it. Its weird but it gets better. Its a complicated book but once u get into it it comes together. Tyler m Walters

  7. Anthony.Z
    This book is boring in the beginning but gets more intense in the middle. i liked it when it got too the middle in the beginning i was gonna trade but now im glad i didnt. christian is letting his brother stay at his house because the brother got in a fight with there dad. and now the brother is telling chistian how the whole thing went down. christian doesnt like that so he decides to let him stay.

  8. Anthony.Z
    walters 2

    Nobody commented on my book. But i do have to say the book is good of what ive read so far i havent finished the book yet but im only 3 or 4 chapters left.

  9. I am Reading Split. The setting in Split is in present day times and is in a small town. The setting also takes place in a small motel room "I walk out of the room, finding my two options: his bedroom or the bathroom" (page 25). The setting is really important because if the setting was in a bigger house some of the conflict would not happen. The main character is Jace he is a high school junior who is confused, angry, and hurt. The author avasthi uses in direct character to describe Jace. She tells the reader about his age, likes, and dislikes by telling the readers directly about those things. Jace's older brother christian is also a main character. Avasthi uses indirect character to hint the reader about who Christian really is. She hints that Christian is worried about Jace when Christian wait at his house all night for Jace to return home.

    Rachael G

  10. Dalton Lung
    Spencer 2
    I think this book is going to be about a person having tough times in their life. It could be about a relationship that's going real bad. It could even lead maybe to a really bad conflict.

  11. mary s spencer 6 i think the books gonna be about a guy whos parents are abusive

  12. Ryan H.
    I think that this book well be a person who is involved with lots of violence and is trying to get away from it.

  13. Chris d
    spencer 6 i think the book is not for me because i think its going to be about about a clever boy that runs away.

  14. nick j
    Walters 6

    I just started the book, and only got to the part where the little brother Jace reached his older, engaged brother Christian. Without being told, I can tell that something just happened to Jace, and trying to talk to his brother a little bit about it and is still holding something back, and to be far, I couldn't really understand the beginning up till the point where Jace reached his brother Christian's place and is coming up with an excuse as to why or how he was in the area.